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Everything from High Security Devices to Personal Protective Gear, our products will help you to stay safe.

Paper Planning

For people who prefer the security of non-electronic diary and project management.

Gifts and gadgets

Get your HighSec merchandise and novelty items here.

Free Consultation

No problem too small. We have a wide range of solutions for business of any size.

High level support

Highly skilled IT professionals for low monthly price, not just a call center.

Enterprise solutions for small business prices

No budget for a dedicated IT person ? no problem. If you loose staff, we can fill in the gaps to keep your business running.
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Support for digital transition

Trying to incorporate an online store or inventory tracking system into your current paper based system ? We can help.

Support for remote workers

We also offer solutions for mobile device management and even how to print to an office printer from home.
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What is managed infrastructure ?

Infrastructure is all the technology you use to operate a business, from the phones, to door locks.
We can manage it for you. So you can focus on running your business.
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Need a phone system ?

Our VoIP solutions cover everything from office hardware to interactive voice assistants.

Ensure you never miss a call

HighSec can even automatically transcribe voicemails and email them to you, as well as supporting Fax machine protocols.
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Mobile Device Management

From phones to tablets to laptops. We can cover every device you need to succeed.
These devices can increase convenience and productivity, but they can also introduce new security issues that disrupt your business.
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Cyber Security

has never been more critical. Daily, you hear stories on the news about this being hacked or a data breach at a company you’d expect better from.


develops evolving security strategies, active monitoring, ongoing training, and emerging technology that reliably secures the lifeblood of your business.
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24/7 monitoring

For any device with internet access, and we can even create custom solutions for devices that are not connected to the internet.
HighSec protects business-critical systems, assuring high performance and 24x7x365 IT infrastructure availability
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secure your wifi

If you use shared passwords, you need this service
With cyber threats getting much more complex, traditional antivirus protection and a firewall is simply no longer sufficient and effective.
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Compliance Certification

We can help your company prepare to be compliant with many business technology certifications which are required to operate legally.


- Provides Predefined Compliance Reports
- Optimizes IT Compliance Operations
- Decreases Compliance Security Risks
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Do you need a Service Desk?

HighSec Provides:
- Single point of contact for customer/user inquiries.
- Registration and processing of incidents and requests
- Multilingual support

Business processes support

If you or your employees are not sure how to do something, or the meaning of some error message, even if it requires training, we can help.
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Security and Productivity can be a moving target

Control your data

Do you use a cloud service (Google Apps, Azure, Workplace ) but struggle to manage it ?

Do you want a private cloud so your data is on-site ?

We can build custom datacenters in your office, or lease space in our datacenters for you, or even deploy solutions into a remote back office. We never give out customer data so you can be secure.
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Business Continuity

from Managed Backups to highly available site fail-over for your domain controller,
HighSec can ensure your business is able to operate even during natural disasters or other mass service disruptions.
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Does your business need a website ?

We can help with every part of the process, from getting a doman name to installing SSL certificates.
HighSec offers instant setup for hosting solutions from shared hosting to virtual private servers and even cloud clusters.
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