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Business Technology Support

HighSec takes managed IT services seriously. We design custom IT support plans for Small businesses, healthcare facilities, enterprises, and nonprofits. We understand the specific needs of various industries due to our extensive experience. Therefore, we take the time to fully understand your business and, of course, your requirements.

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Business process transformation

Do your current process require multiple signed copies of paperwork? How about authorizations and quality assurance checks? Does your organization rely heavily on maintaining customer or patient records that need to be regularly updated, but also easily printed and transferred as PDFs? We can either create and maintain an electronic catalog of paper documents, or entirely digitize the process. We don’t try and force you to use the cloud and can replace rooms of filing cabinets with a server closet, which frees up physical space while also making file retrieval lightning-fast, while also ensuring proper access control. Improve operational procedures to help your business run more efficiently.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring is the process of collecting and analyzing data from IT infrastructure, systems, and processes. Infrastructure monitoring ensures organizations can respond to issues proactively, preventing loss of time and money. This makes infrastructure monitoring the essence of mission-critical. The ability to detect and alert on outages, abnormal resource utilization and performance degradations rapidly is essential to business stability, especially with the increasingly unstable market and environmental challenges ranging from cyber-attacks to extreme weather causing data loss and power outages. Our experts have seen it all and are able to create geographically distributed, disaster tolerant, even to ransomware, infrastructure so that when the worst happens beyond your control, we will have a lifeline for your backups and organization, some don’t notice a disruption at all when utilizing our high availability designs.

HighSec implements specialized software tools that aggregate data in the form of event logs from throughout the organization's IT infrastructure. Event logs are automatically computer-generated by applications or devices on the network in response to network traffic or user activity. These log files contain information such as the time and date that the event occurred, the user that was logged into the machine, the name of the computer, a unique identifier, the source of the event, and a description of the event type. Some log files may contain additional information depending on the application where they originated.

HighSec infrastructure monitoring software tools capture log files from throughout the network and aggregate them into a single database where they can be sorted, queried, and analyzed by either humans or machine algorithms. Using this type of infrastructure monitoring, IT organizations can detect operational issues, identify possible security breaches or malicious attacks and identify new areas of business opportunity.

But this is not limited to websites and cloud services, We can also create custom hardware solutions for out-of-band management of various aspects of infrastructure to enable the green economy. So we can monitor and manage, such as remotely reboot backup uplinks to remote equipment such as cellular towers or remote solar installations.

We can help you monitor energy utilization, as well as physical access control, and environmental monitoring. This ensures the optimal workplace environment which maximizes productivity with the peace of mind to know that someone is monitoring the internal CO2 levels of your office and ensuring optimal temperature and humidity levels. All of these senors can be combined to get an accurate measurement of CO2 footprint as well as the ability to use automated systems to minimize that footprint, such as only turning on HVAC and lights when someone is in the office, and only in the area around the occupant, so that people working late also have the lightest footprint, which in turn reduces electricity and heating costs, which can become a large cost if unanticipated.

Communication systems

Communications is at the heart of modern business, and are also more ways to communicate now than ever. But along with you communications systems, come new vulnerabilities. HighSec helps you ensure that no matter which way you engage with your customers or internally that it is secure and eliminates the necessity for shadow it. Regardless if you need a phone system, a fax system, and automated SMS system, automated voice assistant, internal messaging system, or even engaging with customers via social media, or offering Wi-Fi to customers. We have solutions for organizations of all sizes which can help you leverage the advantages of these communication technologies while also having experts they can keep you secured from attacks that can occur over the same technologies.

Shadow IT

Shadow IT is the use of information technology systems, devices, software, applications, and services without explicit IT department approval. It has grown exponentially in recent years with the adoption of cloud-based applications and services.

While shadow IT can improve employee productivity and drive innovation, it can also introduce serious security risks to your organization through data leaks, potential compliance violations, and more.

Whether the adoption of shadow IT is intentional or not, it creates serious security concerns and costs. It increases the risk of data breaches, theft, and other cyber attacks, while preventing IT teams from taking crucial steps to minimize the damage those may cause.

The HighSec approach is not to eliminate shadow IT, on the contrary our engineers have extensive experience with a wide range of authentication systems and are typically able to incorporate those authentication systems into the internal IT stack, which is what separates us from most other IT service providers.

Business Continuity

Natural disasters are becoming more and more common, not a year goes by these days without catastrophic fires and floods, even in places you would not expect them such as Germany and the Netherlands. Having digital copies and a backup plan can often be the difference between being inconvenienced and losing your entire business. HighSec not only walks you through the process of creating a disaster recovery plan, we can also assist you with implementing the plan. We don’t try to force you to use cloud services and in fact generally support local on-site backups which come with far lower monthly fees. We like to see our clients as partners and not simply as consumers. We believe that by helping our clients succeed we also succeed which includes minimizing your monthly costs.

Software vulnerabilities

Every business either produces or purchases applications to operate more efficiently. In this day and age, software powers everything, from infrastructure and commerce to financial systems and healthcare. 

However, like almost anything else, the constantly growing dependence on software has its pros and cons. One of its critical points being the susceptibility of companies to common forms of cyberattacks. Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security found that 90 percent of security incidents result from exploits against defects in software.

Few software development life cycle (SDLC) models explicitly address software security in detail, so secure software development practices usually need to be added to each SDLC model to ensure the software being developed is well secured.

Following HighSec practices should help software developers reduce the number of vulnerabilities in released software, mitigate the potential impact of the exploitation of undetected or unaddressed vulnerabilities, and address the root causes of vulnerabilities to prevent future recurrences. Software consumers can reuse and adapt the HighSec practices in their software acquisition processes.

Obsolescence risk

Obsolescence risk is the risk that a process, product, or technology used or produced by a company for profit will become obsolete, this can result in no longer receiving updates. This is one of the most common vectors for cyberattacks. By leveraging open source technologies, and multiple platforms, we mitigate obsolescence risk far better than companies utilizing only close source software. This allows our infrastructure to have a better security record than Microsoft or Apple based systems.

Work From Home Solutions Suite

Remote working is here to stay. Do you have the right solutions in place for your team to work from home? At HighSec, we have the solutions and skills to help you create a productive and secure remote work environment for your employees.

Create the perfect solution for your business

On top of the Work from Home solutions, you can add on other HighSec services, such as managed connectivity, to create a modular, custom solution for your business. We don’t force you into long contracts with huge bundles of unnecessary services.

One source like no other

HighSec enables you to consolidate the voice, fax, e-mail, network, hosting, cloud, endpoint security, and continuity services that you’re receiving from multiple vendors. You get a single point of contact, backed by 24/7/364 technical support, and it’s all on one bill too.
Consistent and predicable billing  goes a long way to support long term planning.

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