Why Your Sales Team Can’t Close

“My salespeople can’t close.” How often have you heard that line? If you’re a sales leader, you’ve probably even said it. But closing is never the real problem. Never. That’s just the symptom. The problem is that salespeople neglect important activities during earlier stages of the sales process. Unless you address the broken links in […]

The Open VC

Editor’s note: Bo Peabody is an entrepreneur and investor, and is currently a Venture Partner at Greycroft Partners. He has founded several companies including Tripod Inc., one of the original social networks. Bo is also the author Lucky or Smart.  After spending 20 years building companies, first as an entrepreneur and then as a venture capitalist, there’s one thing I’ve learned about the […]

Beyond Traditional And Emotional Intelligence: The Secret Weapon Of Great Innovators

With so many different mediums of communication and so many people with whom we can connect, how does anyone manage to create an intelligent, mutually beneficial relationship? The best innovators have the answer, and their secret weapon is open intelligence. In my research with renowned business strategist Saj-nicole Joni, we discovered that there is a […]

How Do I Avoid Being A Micromanager?

The micromanager might be one of the most common “bad boss” stereotypes, but it’s a tricky situation when you are on the other side. This week’s reader question comes from a newly minted supervisor, unsure of how to manage her entry-level employees without becoming a micromanager. For advice on how to deal with this tricky […]

5 Important Rules for Navigating Social Interactions With Clients

You want to establish solid and friendly relationships with your  clients, but you have to be very careful of how far you take it. Completely letting your guard down can be a mistake, especially in the current environment where technology offers the opportunity for everybody to know everything in an instant. First and foremost, never […]

7 Revelations From Those Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

The secret Goldman Sachs tapes released this week by ProPublica and This American Life are attracting a lot of attention, and rightly so. They were clandestinely recorded by Carmen Segarra, an investigator for the New York Federal Reserve Bank who was eventually fired — either for being uncooperative or, as she says and the tapes […]

7 Funny Quotes With Serious Leadership Lessons

Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training was both the best and worst time of my life. It was awful in the sense of pain and suffering, but also a blast (pun intended)  because of that pain and suffering. What made the six-month selection course tolerable was having a sense of humor. So, here are seven funny quotes […]

7 Secrets of the Most Productive Meetings

During a busy workweek, the last thing any manager needs is a wasted hour due to an unproductive  meeting. Managers need to make every minute count. According to a March 2012 survey by Salary.com,  47 percent of workers say their biggest waste of time at work is attending too many meetings. When done well, meetings […]

Multiple Vulnerabilities in VMware vRealize Operations Could Allow for Remote Code Execution

DATE(S) ISSUED: 08/09/2022 OVERVIEW: Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in VMware vRealize Operations, the most severe of which could result in Remote Code Execution. VMware vRealize Operations is an IT management platform which enables visibility, optimization and management of an organization’s physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. This software comes within an API which enables developers […]