A Universal Password Keeper

Offline Authentication

All your credentials are safely stored in a secure device, which doesn’t rely on your computer security.

Native Integration on Multiple Browsers

The HighSec Mooltipass will notify or prompt you for confirmation whenever you need to login on any website.

Compatible with Any Device

The HighSec Mooltipass can be used with any USB or Bluetooth enabled device, for any application. Simply select the credential you need sent on the HighSec Mooltipass screen.

FIDO2 & WebAuthn Support

Experience the latest password-free authentication technology, making logins & passwords a thing of the past.

Small Files & Notes Storage

Securely store your most important data and secrets on your HighSec Mooltipass device.

Dual Processor Architecture

For maximum security, the HighSec Mooltipass uses two processors: one for secure operations, and one for communications.

Only One PIN Number to Remember

A secure smartcard is used to decrypt all your data. 3 erroneous tries will permanently lock it.

Safe Backups for Multiple Users

Multiple users can share one HighSec Mooltipass. Their encrypted database can safely be exported on the cloud or on their computer.

User Friendly

The HighSec Mooltipass is designed to be as simple as possible to use for users of all backgrounds and ages:

  • Connect the HighSec Mooltipass to your computer/tablet/phone. No driver is required.
  • Insert your smartcard, unlock it with your PIN. Without the PIN, the card is useless.
  • Visit a website that needs a login. If using our browser plugin, the HighSec Mooltipass asks your permission to send the stored credentials, or asks you to save new ones if you are logging in for the first time.
  • If you are not using the browser plugin or are logging in on something other than a browser, you can tell the HighSec Mooltipass to type your logins and passwords for you, just like a keyboard.

Compatible with all Platforms and Devices

The HighSec Mooltipass also emulates a standard USB keyboard, and can therefore type your passwords for you on Windows, Linux, Mac and even on most Apple and Android devices. It doesn’t need special drivers to function.

We provide you with an easy-to-use cross-platform application to manage, import and export your files, notes, (FIDO2) credentials stored inside the HighSec Mooltipass.

More Details

As shown above, the HighSec Mooltipass features a one of a kind dual microcontroller architecture aimed at separating the communications and security domains, together with an OLED screen and dedicated flash memories for graphics and encrypted credentials storage.

The HighSec Mooltipass devices all use a PIN-locked smartcard containing the AES-256bits key required for data decryption. Like any chip and pin card, 3 false tries will permanently disable the HighSec Mooltipass card. Any password accessing operation can either be configured to be automatically performed or to be physically approved by the user on the device.

The HighSec Mooltipass therefore offers the following advantages over software-based solutions:

  • Better Security: HighSec Mooltipass reduces the number of attack vectors by typing your passwords for you.
  • A Non-Proprietary Device: Anyone can develop new tools for HighSec Mooltipass.
  • An Open-Source Platform: Being able to read the code allows you to check and enhance the security of our HighSec Mooltipass.
  • A Trusted Platform: Only code that has been tested by us and reviewed by the community runs on the HighSec Mooltipass, ensuring that no viruses or malicious programs can compromise your credentials.

Want to know more? Have a look at the HighSec Mooltipass user manual.


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